Yacht Charter management
Your yacht as a profitable asset.

Yacht Charter management: Business Plan

Your boat can generate a steady income and not only management costs.

Our collective knowledge helps to make your charter experience exceptional and to manage all business phases: from consulting on how to prepare a charter yacht to promoting on international platforms to business plan.

The Sealuxury team strictly inspects every yacht before and after the lease to ensure the perfect maintenance of the asset. Nothing is left to chance, even the details. Equipping the yacht for charter with certified and trusted skippers, negotiating charter and managing the whole process offers more guarantees for our client. Everything is properly managed through our careful market analysis.

Experience-sharing of best sealing routes, private transfers organization, celebrations/events on-board, daily rentals, reservations, treatments, excursions, sports, sports fishing and more.

We follow our customers in the assessment of different purchasing formulas for those who start the charter activity, with the intent to amortize the operating costs and to optimize the profits thanks to an accurate fleet management.