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Thursday, 19 March 2020 10:41

Financial & Insurance Management Yacht

Owning a yacht is both a decision driven by a passion and a financial investment.

Sealuxury monitors and evaluates the best financial products on the market for a boat purchase. We guide our customers into the the financial solutions best suited to their needs, also thanks to our privileged channels with credit institutions, mortgages, finance and leasing. We help our customers to choose the best possible insurance to protect their assets and warn them about the risks. We are also in contact with the best carefully selected insurance companies, specialized in the nautical sector, so we can have a comparison on equal terms.

A personalized service and a first-class coverage level, with teams of insurers and technicians working together to manage and mitigate risks. This is to provide shipowners with a wide range of coverage services related to yacht ownership, chartering and crew, designing adequate and valid insurance solutions wherever the client sails.

Moreover, Sealuxury deals with the management, assessment and repositioning of boats’ fleets from leasing companies.

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